Ancient Gambling in China Before Lottery Online was Invented

Nowadays, people in the whole world can be connected to gambling online but in the past, every country had its own history about ancient gambling. Nowadays, you don’t have to go to the real casino for gambling lottery because all people in the world can be connected perfectly to gambling online. It means, you can access the site from wherever you are and no matter where you live. However in the past, gambling lottery was not as easy as now. At least, you must know that gambling lottery is not something new at all. Sports betting have been in this world since Paleolithic period before the modern civilization era.

Old Gambling Activities in China Before Lottery Online is Available

Today, you can enjoy lottery online right from your place but in the past, you can’t find it easily. Traditional gambling has been existed since before history according to the authentic document about history of gambling. Based on the document, the first form ever of gambling was found about approximately 3000BC in Western Asia and the first game ever played there was the dice game with 6 sides. In 9th century, China adopted the card game whereas Persians were known to be the first people in the world to introduce As-Nas.

As-Nas was the poker game you know now. In approximately 2300BC during Xia dynasty, gambling was known as the active movement back in ancient China. The people there might be the first civilization to create or invent the card games with symbols and numbers. Meanwhile, those who created the card game using face cards such as Joker, Jack, Queen and Kings were Persians. They were also the first people to shuffle the money which you could guess the lead for shuffling the card.

The Chinese people were responsible to create Keno and also other popular Chinese games such as Yue Har Hai, Mahjong, Wei-Qi and also Xuan He pai which is known as domino right now. Now, gambling is illegal in the mainland of China, however, you can know and realize that China is the country in the world that has been donating so many popular games in gambling. Though gambling in all forms might be banned in China, there are some games allowed to play there such as lotteries but not in all regions.

Macau and Hongkong are the open cities in China for gambling and they permit lotteries and you can find so many luxurious casinos all over Macau that can beat those which are located in Las Vegas. However, though people are not allowed to gamble directly, they still can register to lottery online so they can play the game they love so much.

The Ancient Gambling in Europe Before Lottery Online Appears

Though there are many countries can access lottery online, many people said that gambling was originated from Europe. Nowadays, many people can access prediksi togel hongkong site easily from all over the world though in some countries, gambling is considered as the illegal activity. However, when you have the best technology, anything can happen easily and you may register to gambling online. You can’t change the rules conducted by certain country. Some countries may not accept gambling at all because of the pro and cont about the effect of it.