Stu Ungar Made Sbobet Tournament Even Popular

The history of WSOP continued when there were so many legends created by that Sbobet tournament and some of them are remembered until now. In early years of WSOP, the tournament was dominated by Texans as the winners but it was all crushed when Stu Ungar or known as The Kid came onto the scene and broke the domination of Texas who won the Sbobet championship often.

He won the game in 1980 but he repeated it again in 1981 and made it as the consecutive winning in a row and he was not from Texas but from New York.

Sbobet Became More Popular Thanks to Stu Ungar

The achievement of Ungar generated the popularity of  Sbobet especially for the tournament.

The result of Ungar’s effort, NBC Sports also dispatched the movie about ’81 championship of WSOP and it introduced this game to millions people for the first time after being televised several years ago in 1973. In 1982, the tournament also expanded again to serve around 11 preliminary events from four.

The new additional menu in this expansion was A Ladies World Championship with $10,000 for the main event buy in. Overall, there were then around 13 events on the WSOP and played with the winning prize was more than $2.6 million cash money for the winners in top places.

During around 1980s, Jack Binion had so many duties in running casinos heritage by his father, Benny Binion but it was the beginning of more changes into the Sbobet tournament ever.